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Volume 9
Volume 9, Issue 2
In This Issue
S&T Trends - Blockchain Industries, Regulations and Policy
Special Articles
Industrial Technology Competitive Analysis and Its Implications
Woo-hyoung Lee


Measures to promote public technology-based startups: Focusing on entrepreneurship
In-jong Lim

Technology-based startups are known to contribute to the growth of national economy by creating high-paying jobs, promoting R&D investment, exporting goods and services, etc. Technology-based startups created by using the outcome of government-sponsored R&D projects, namely, public science and technology-based startups, are particularly considered important as their survival rate is over 80 percent and they continue to operate their business for a long period of time.

The purpose of this study is to provide measures to promote public technology-based startups by revitalizing technology entrepreneurship. After examining a hypothesis on factors affecting startup business based on science and technology, it was confirmed that startup training programs and cooperation with external organizations had a positive impact for scientists and engineers to create companies. This study provides following measures to promote startups based on public science and technology. First, expand a cooperative network with outside specialized agencies and share the information focusing on their competencies. Second, encourage to conclude business agreements with regard to startups and provide related guidelines. Third, operate a startup related consultative body for regular exchanges. Lastly, create and expand startup support projects that both public research institutes and specialized agencies can jointly participate.


Science and Technology Trends
Blockchain Industries, Regulations and Policy in Colombia
Diana Rojas-Torres


Blockchain Industry, Regulations and Policy in Estonia
Risto Hansen


The Indian Blockchain Landscape: Regulations and Policy Measures
Nir Kshetri


An Analysis and Diagnosis of the Korean Blockchain Ecosystem
Sung-jun Kim


Blockchain Industries, Regulations and Policies in Singapore
Sarah Cheah, Saiteja Pattalachinti, Yuen-ping Ho