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[Volume 9, Issue 1]
Building a Smart Nation: Singapore’s Digital Journey
Siu Loon Hoe


[Volume 9, Issue 1]
A Big Data-Based Approach for Understanding Smart City Initiatives of South Korea
Choongik Choi


[Volume 9, Issue 1]
Policy Framework Addressing Legal Impediments to Open Access to Public Funded Research Data in Malaysia
Haswira Nor Mohamad Hashim

This study proposed a policy framework addressing legal impediments to open access to public funded in Malaysia. Previous studies have identified legal impediments to open access arising from intellectual property, confidentiality, privacy, national security, patents and tort laws. The legal impediments have not been fully addressed by the existing policies of public research funding agencies and research institutions in Malaysia, hence the need for a policy framework to be proposed. This study analysed and compared various policies on open access to research data currently adopted by civil society, government bodies, research funding agencies and research institutions in Australia, Canada, the EU, the UK and the USA. This comparative analysis identified various measures deemed viable to address the legal impediments to open access to research data. The proposed policy framework is of international standard and can become a benchmark in pursuing the objective of enabling open access to public funded research data among public research funding agencies and research institutions in Malaysia. 

[Volume 9, Issue 2]
Blockchain Industry, Regulations and Policy in Estonia
Risto Hansen


[Volume 9, Issue 1]
An Investigation on Input-Output Indicators of Innovation Strategies of Singapore and UAE
Munshi Naser Ibne Afzal, Shamim Ahmad Siddiqui and Jhalak Gope

This paper exhibits the salient properties of innovation and scrutinizes the innovation strategies of Singapore and UAE. The term innovation can be engaged broadly in various economic terms whereas this study specified the generalized form of innovation for a country to achieve the economic and social wellbeing. The study focused on the case study approach by using descriptive statistics. Some significant indications of advanced innovation setting are seen in Singaporean economy in contrast to UAE. Possession of huge in land natural resources in UAE region could not assist the sound development of innovation condition whereas it is visible in Singaporean economy with very low natural resources in proportion of UAE. Singapore’s exports of high tech products are 10 to 5 times larger than those of UAE which signal the better innovation and investment condition of the former. The business incubation is appreciated and banks are found broad toward the startups. The South-Eastern country also identified in better situation than the gulf country in knowledge based innovation - in account of patents and scientific articles published by the residents. The study found innovation as a thrust in economic activity for a country. UAE is a better performer in cost of doing business compared to Singapore. Some more effective policies should be in operation in order to prolong the continued development trend of Singapore, whereas UAE needs more engrossment on business incubation, openness of trade and proper utilization of natural resources.