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A Study of Business Ventures’ Successful R&D Mechanism through Open Innovation
Do-Hyung Park, In-Jin Yoo and Bong-Goon Seo


The study focuses on the determinants of business ventures’ sales by categorizing intra-enterprise resources in order to properly assess their influence, and classifying firms’ competencies into two dimensions to observe the difference between the performance determinants of business ventures in each dimension. Through factor analysis, the firms’ competencies including technology, price, quality, design, organization management, and marketing competitiveness were categorized into two dimensions of technological competence and management competence, and the firms were categorized as either technology-driven or management-driven, based on the comparative intensity of the two dimensions. Then, performance determinants were categorized into 6 superordinate categories of enterprise status, entrepreneur resource, human resource, financial resource, technological resource, and external resource, and the influence of the subordinate factors on sales were analyzed using two-year data of “The Survey of Korea Business Ventures.” First, the results showed that 22 out of 33 variables used in the model had a significant influence on the sales of business ventures. Second, the analysis on the difference of determinants by group found that of the 33 independent variables, 13 variables at maximum and 8 at minimum were found to significantly influence sales, which verifies the difference between sales determinants in each dimension.