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Innovation System of Solar Photovoltaics in Thailand
Ranaporn Tantiwechwuttikul, Masaru Yarime, Kohzo Ito



Thailand is by far the most active country in the Southeast Asian region in terms of renewable energy (RE) policy support and technological adoption. Owning very much to its electricity supply industry reformation after the Asian financial crisis in 1997, Thailand’s electric sector has been extended from government monopoly to market liberalisation, which is then accommodated the proliferation of RE projects. Through the lens of RE policy support development and RE technological adoption, solar PV technology—amongst alternatives—exhibited the highest market growth. Hence, this paper provides an in-depth analysis of solar PV adoption, aiming to enhance the understanding of PV project development and how future policy design can foster further PV adoption. Besides RE policy review and statistical analysis, the methodological framework is based on sectoral systems of innovation. So that a better understanding of PV industry structure, dynamics, and transformation can be discerned. 


sectoral systems of innovation, solar photovoltaics, PV adoption, Thailand