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S&T Trends
R&D Enhancement Strategy for Small and Medium Enterprises’ Development in Korea
Mun Su Park, Jungje Yoo



The purpose of this study is to suggest the limitations of R&D support system for SMEs, and a policy plan for expanding performance. In order to accomplish the purpose, we investigate the way to expand performance through in-depth analysis and evaluation of the existing R&D support programs for SMEs. This paper examined the items of research expenses and the current condition of research misconduct. That is to say, the paper analyzed that the investment type of support expenses and scrutinized the R&D programs targeting SMEs. In addition, the paper verified whether there is an outflow of support expenses from government to SMEs.


The results of statistical analysis proved that the expenditure structure of personnel expenses in the support project of SME technology development is relatively small. The expenditure on personnel expenses is actually low on the support projects of the technology development. And the total number of unjustifiable execution sanctions is higher, such as a relatively larger number of restricted participation on the basis of the total number of organizations and figures compared to other ministries. This suggested that the wrong execution of the support projects of SME technology development are still pernicious, and it should need some efforts to politic supplementation. Policy implications can be suggested as follows by focusing on the systematization of the performance evaluation and management of the technology R&D support projects for SMEs.