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S&T Trends
STI Policy in the Age of COVID: The Chinese Case
Richard Suttmeier



China faces the year 2021 with both many about to begin its 14th Five-Year Plan which
involves significant adjustments to the trajectory of its development. It is also doubling down
on its commitments to scientific research and technological innovation as means for attacking
the challenges, including the launching of a new medium to long-term plan for science and
technology development intended to both secure China’s position in the industries of the future and
to bring novel technological solutions to major societal problems. 


China has spent several decades building its capabilities for science, technology, and innovation, and now enjoys a convergence of talent, facilities, and generous funding that can be directed to the fulfillment of goals for the 14th Plan and beyond. Yet, Plan implementation will not be without problems as an examination of the strengths and weaknesses of China’s response to COVID-19 illustrates. 


COVID-19, China, STI policy