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Privacy Statement

Asian Research Policy (ARP) collects, retains and handles all personal information based on relevant laws and/or consent of concerned persons.

Privacy Statement explains general regulations on using personal information. ARP will handle collected and retained personal information in strict compliance with the Privacy Statement to facilitate operation and protect individual rights.

Protection of Personal Information of Webpage Users
Unless otherwise noted, the following policy applies to the following webpage operated by
ARP: http://www.arpjournal.org/

1. General principles
  1. ① ARP only collects and retains personal information required for operation of ARP webpage in compliance with relevant laws such as Personal Information Protection Act, Basic Guidelines on Personal Information Protection, and Basic Guidelines on Protection of Personal Information Maintained by Public Institutions, or with the consent of the user.
  2. ② ARP strictly protects personal information provided online and all member information in compliance with the Privacy Policy while operating the webpage.
2. Items of personal information collected and retention time
  1. ① Personal information collection is necessary for online manuscript submission (members) and subscription (non-members).
    • ARP collects the following personal information with the consent of users.
      Required items: First (given) name, last (family) name, e-mail address (User ID), password, country, organization type
      Optional items: Title, middle name, institution, department
  2. ② Personal information collected during membership registration is retained until its termination. However, information may be retained for certain periods past membership termination as prescribed by law.
    • Personal information collected in ways other than membership registration (subscription) is used and retained for otherwise determined duration of time.
3. Automatically collected and saved personal information
  1. ① The following information is automatically collected and saved when users visit the webpage.
    • Webpage addresses passed through when users visit webpages operated by ARP
    • User computer’s OS and web browser
    • User’s internet server domain, IP address and time of access
  2. ② Automatically collected and saved information is used exclusively to provide better services to the user, such as facilitating communication between the user and the webpage, and statistical analysis to improve the webpage. However, this information may be submitted to relevant institutions in cases mandated by law.
4. Usage and retention time of personal information
  1. ① Personal information is used and retained within the usage and retention time prescribed by law, or within the usage and retention time consented by the concerned persons during collection.
  2. ② If the deletion of personal information is requested by membership termination or by the concerned persons (or legal representatives for those under the age of 14), collected personal information is immediately destroyed as to prevent viewing or use.
  3. ③ However, if retention is required by relevant laws, ARP may retain personal information for certain periods as prescribed by relevant laws.
5. Personal information collected and retained through online electronic forms
Users can submit and display personal information through online electronic forms. In such cases, ARP presumes that the users have submitted personal information with full knowledge of the following guide.
  • Personal information submitted by users may be shared or re-shared with relevant institutions as required by relevant laws for purposes such as policy development.
  • Personal information submitted by users may be viewed illegally by third parties in the case of infringement accidents.
6. Security measures operated by ARP
  1. ① To protect personal information, ARP operates various programs that monitor network traffic and detect illegal attempts such as altering access information.
  2. ② ARP all necessary technical measures to maintain webpage security. To guard against leakages in case of infringement accidents, please refrain from submitting highly sensitive personal information.
7. Personal information in linked webpages
When moving onto other webpages by clicking on links or banners displayed on the ARP webpage, privacy policy posted by the operators of the newly opened webpage applies. Please check the privacy policy of the newly opened webpage.
8. Obtaining other users’ personal information while using the ARP webpage
It is illegal to obtain other users’ personal information, such e-mail addresses, while using the ARP webpage. Those who illegally collect or receive personal information of ARP webpage users are punishable by Article 23 of Enforcement Decree of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information Maintained by Public Institutions.
9. Reporting personal information infringement cases
Please report to arp@kistep.re.kr if you have found possible infringement of user rights, such as leakage of personal information, while using the ARP webpage.